everyone give a big hoorah for the return of my motivation. (read: spoons to work on a website.)

today's update: i added an additional quotes page, for hitogeki, here. you can also access it from the shuugeki quotes page. both are a WIP, as is the rest of the site, but they're there! the biggest challenge with these pages is just combing through my nageki aesthetic tumblr blog for all of the quotes, because i gave up on tagging things there over a year ago....

there's still a lot of stuff that hasn't been put together so please be patient!

blinkies and stamps, free for use

5/30/23 added quote pages
11/3/22 added art, added stamps, more blinkies
6/21/22 updated header, added intro post, blinkies
6/20/22 site created


finally i have more time to work on this site! life got in the way, but long time no see, my wonderful lurkers. i have next to no prior experience with coding sites, so thank you for your presumed patience ^_^

today i have uploaded more of my artwork and i will put it at link 2! i also found a neocities theme on tumblr that i will hopefully be able to use somewhere on here. it looks very pretty so i'm nervously excited to test it out.... that's all for now. maybe sometime soon i will add a guestbook or something, i don't know if i can, haha.

6/21/22 INTRO

welcome welcome to the first and only (to my knowledge) english-side fansite for the hatoful boyfriend ship SHUU X NAGEKI!!!! i love these guys so much i'm making a website about it. that's the strength of my dedication to them! i've been shipping shuugeki since early 2018, and i've been drawing fanart and writing fic on-and-off through these past years. hatoful boyfriend of one of my longest-held special interests and they mean the world to me. i'll be updating here when i can of all my art and writing and miscellania i've done over the years. thank you for reading :)

(also, i ship hitori x nageki, and yuuya x nageki, and there will be pages on this site dedicated to them as well!)